Week 11 – Take Responsibility

Toby that is beautifully expressed and congratulations on doing well


The following sentence in the workbook for week 11 from Mark J inspired my post .

“It’s time to get completely HONEST with yourself… It’s time… RIGHT NOW, to start over if you messed up the service cards… We tried to tell you in the beginning and we’re telling you now (CLUE!)… re-start now. Your future life is worth it. “Do it now.”

What am I really doing when I am healing a thought with a thought?

Well that is the discovery I made this week, I am re-booting my mind.

When you program a computer and the program has a mistake it does not matter how many times you press print you will always have the same result.  That is what I have been doing in my life up to now, trying to get a different result in my life while using the same program.

So how do you correct the program?

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Week 6 – It’s all about love

Marvelous Fabiana


Who would have thought that this tiny little paperback that Og Mandino wrote way back in 1968 would be my treasure to hold day in day out lately? A beautiful 112-page plan of how to improve your life. Isn’t it the best idea in the world?

Originated from someone who loved writing and publishing from a young age he got to reading almost every book on the topic of self-help there was to be found in the US. Putting down all the knowhow in this relatively small book requires a thorough view of what life is all about and proves that the keys are right in front of us to lead a happy and joyful life.

Og’s wife Bette was his editor. In an interview she said that The Ten Scrolls were written in 24 hours… As if Og was lead by some power, his pen just kept on flowing…

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My Journey week 7

LOVE is the big thing that I practice, I did it years ago, sadly I forgot all about it until now, reading about it. It automatically puts a smile on my face and I hope I practice that thinking for the rest of my days.

“The personal conscious has the power to do whatever one wishes” With Power, Courage Excitement and Flamboyancy. BECOME YOUR DREAM, YOUR MOVIE. It is exciting, and I am working it into my life. In the morning my mind is racing  and it is fun. Daydreaming is back in my life, amazing how many things change through the years. Here I am 17 years all over again. Really another lease on life. I think, I feel, I am excited that another door is opening for me and I am anticipating great changes. Its as if in the silence of the morning I am living a different life. Now I need a few firm steps through out the day to put them into practice.

I am so pleased with myself, I suggested a good idea to my friend and a few days later she accepted it and now she is so happy and grateful ( more than I ). Wow, power is in the making. I am looking so forward to having more of these experiences. Doing it with pleasure and feeling excitement. This is it! Give more, Get more!

I still need to record my voice, how do I start to like my own voice?, I never did like it. My friends don’t have a problem with my speech, yet I seem to find it ……ughh…. Back to the mirror to tell myself…. I love you D.P. and then listen to my recording….